Is boring a bad thing?

I have a confession to make. I love ‘boring’ eyeshadows. There I said it. And I also think that a lot of you reading this probably have an appreciation for them as well.

Don’t get me wrong, those palettes with beautiful brights catch my eye too. And I own a couple which I love using. But I feel like brown-heavy eyeshadow palettes can be unfairly demonised and dismissed as dull, when really they are anything but.

Some brown-heavy eyeshadow palettes – boring?

Browns and other neutral tones are the foundations of your look. You wouldn’t have a wardrobe of clothes and not have any underwear. Well, maybe you would. Possibly not the best example to give! Let’s try this again!

Take a pair of jeans. Basically everybody owns at least one pair of jeans, whether they are blue, or black, or grey, or pink with green polkadots. But there’s a reason why blues and blacks tend to sell better than pink with green polkadots. Jeans make a great foundation to an outfit: you can pair them with something simple, or something really out there, and whatever you do they will almost always complement your overall look.

Well, neutral palettes are like jeans. You can pair them with other basics, or with your super bright shades, and they will nearly always complement the look, and finish it off. And that’s not to say that they are for absolutely everybody. There are some people who never wear jeans because they always have something far more fabulous to wear, just as there are people who have full colour, bold, glam makeup looks on the daily. But most people wear jeans at least some of the time.

I don’t really know if this analogy is working so I’m going to move away from it now!

The point I’m trying to get to is that there seems to be a growing culture on Youtube and Instagram at the moment which looks down on palettes that they deem to be ‘boring’. And that can seem intimidating to the average consumer who loves their safe pair of jeans (aaaaand we’re back to the jeans…). So I wanted to just take a moment to remind you of why you love your basics, and that it’s absolutely fine to do so. If you see some new palette releases and are instantly drawn to the nude one, that’s great! Who cares that there are comments deriding it for being boring, or dull, or overdone! Loads of the most exciting and colourful looks started with a boring brown or two.

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