Collective Haul!

I have spent far too much money recently 😅. BUUUUT, this was mostly things I either was replacing, had been considering for a while, received free, or bought on sale. So for the most part, these were quite considered purchases. I’m thinking about doing a post on the dangers of haul culture, and impulse buying things just because everyone else seems to be, so keep an eye out for that over the next couple of weeks.

These have been accumulated over quite a long time – there’s Black Friday orders, and things I ordered before Black Friday in here: it’s probably things that I have collected over the past couple of months or so, so keep reading to find out what’s swayed my hand recently!

Beauty Bay Haul: SoSu Lashes in Gigi and Katie; Wet’n’Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose; OFRA Highlighter in Rodeo Drive

Beauty Bay
There were three highlighters I wanted to try this year, because I had just heard so many good things about them: Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, Becca pressed highlighters, aaaand the OFRA highlighters. So I am over the moon that I managed to get all three to try in mini sizes (love a mini, especially with highlighters), at great prices recently!
OFRA Mini Highlighter in Rodeo Drive (£10 at Beauty Bay): I managed to get this for £6.99! I am very happy to have payed basically less than drugstore prices for this gorgeous little pot of gold. I have worn this as both a highlighter and an eyeshadow in the past couple of days and it is lovely: not glittery but a very pigmented wet-look pale gold, that isn’t too dark even for my super pale skin. I can see that it would work for significantly darker skin tones than my own too, and I know they describe it as a ‘universally flattering’ gold.
Wet’n’Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose (£5 at Beauty Bay): This was another product I had heard a lot about, and been considering for a while, so when I was placing an order anyway at Beauty Bay I added it in. I haven’t worn it yet, so can’t speak for the lasting power or wear, but the colour is a lovely warm mauve matte (my sort of colour if you’ve read my current lipstick favourites!), and it didn’t feel sticky on my hand. Keep an eye out for an update on this one! I’ve heard good things so I’m excited!
SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Lashes Multipack in Gigi and Katie (£13 each at Beauty Bay: Gigi and Katie): False eyelashes can be so expensive, we all know that, and with NYE just round the corner, and everyone home from uni for the holidays I knew that I’d be using them a fair bit in the upcoming weeks. So when I spotted these multipacks for half price (£6.49 for three pairs! Only a little over £2 for each pair!) I snapped them up! These don’t come with glue, but I have glue rolling around anyway so that doesn’t bother me, and they are cruelty free, and made of 100% human hair. Particularly looking forward to trying the Gigi lashes, because I love that flared shape. Again, haven’t tried these yet, but definitely will very soon, so if they’re good they may be in my December favourites!

Natural Light: Wet’n’Wild Rebel Rose; OFRA Rodeo Drive
Cult Beauty Haul: Becca Golden Glow Trio

Cult Beauty
Becca Golden Glow Trio (£24.50 at Cult Beauty (£35 full price)): I have had a couple of shades of the Beeca Shimmering Skin Perfectors in my Wishlist for a while now, including Champagne Pop and Moonstone, so when I spotted this kit with Opal, Champagne Pop, and Moonstone in the mini sizes for less than the price of two minis (just over the price of two minis at full price: still a good deal if you wanted all three colours included! It is worth noting these are 2.4g as opposed to the standard mini size of 2.5g.), I was all over it. It was also my first time ever ordering from Cult Beauty, so I was able to use the 15% off for new customers to get these at an even better deal! The packaging is gorgeous with the matte effect plastic around the brushed metal, and the colours are gorgeous too! Champagne Pop is the brightest of the three, if you like a really blinding highlighter, Moonstone is the palest (a white-gold), and Opal is a similar colour to Champagne Pop (a warmer, peachier gold than Moonstone), but a little more subtle. There did seem to be some negative comments, criticising the size of these, but I think they’ll still last me a decently long time. If you accept that Becca highlighters are always going to be on the more expensive end, then this is one of the better deals you’ll find, and you get the added bonus of getting to try a range of shades.

Natural Light: l-r Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone, Champagne Pop and Opal
Feel Unique Haul: Cover FX Glam and Go On The Go; Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Vinyl in African Raspberry

Feel Unique
Cover FX Glam and Go On The Go (No longer on the website): This was one of the Special Buys for Black Friday, so I picked it up for under a tenner, but it is sadly no longer available for purchase. It came with two (admittedly tiny, but I’m happy to be able to try them for such a relatively low price) products: the Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight, and the Shimmer Veil Liquid Eyeshadow in Soleil. The Custom Enhancer Drops are a beautifully luminous champagne, that is a super flattering colour on me. They are very small, but the reviews I watched of these often mentioned that you need so little, that the full size is more likely to go off before you use it up. I don’t wear liquid highlighters that often, so a mini is just right for me! The Shimmer Veil in Soleil is another lovely shade. It’s a peachy rose-pink liquid eyeshadow, with a metallic finish and micro-glitters as well. It brings a lovely light to the eyes, and didn’t crease on me.
Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl in African Raspberry (£25.50 at Feel Unique): Another one that I picked up for much cheaper in the Black Friday sales, you can currently get 15% off with the code TREATS if you’re interested. Firstly, the packaging is stunning. It just looks very high end. However, I will say it felt cheaper than I expected it to – definitely very plasticky feeling. The shade is a lovely rich pink, which is a colour I’m always very drawn for, especially for special occasions, although it being a very shiny, creamy lipstick the lasting power is obviously not as good as it would be for a matte lipstick, so it is one you’ll have to reapply every now and again. If you want to feel a bit special, however, and you’re willing to put in that work, it feels amazing on the lips, and looks very classy if you pull it out of your clutch. 😉

Natural Light: l-r Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight; Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Soleil; Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl in African Raspberry
Morphe Haul: 15T Palette and Metallic Heat Eyeshadows

15T Your True Selfie Artistry Palette (£12 at Morphe (£16 full price)): This feels like a sort of a gateway palette to colour in my opinion: for a brown-eyed gal, green should be a flattering little pop of colour, and the gorgeous warm shades are something that I gravitate towards anyway. As you can see in the swatches below, the colours are vibrant and pigmented. This is my third of the Morphe 15 palettes, and I probably would place the quality in between my 15H (love that one! So creamy!) and my 15N (the colours are my favourites, but the quality is not as good as the more recent iterations). Definitely looking forward to playing with this! And it feels pretty versatile too: I get both Christmas vibes, and butterfly vibes which makes me think of summer – good for all year round!
Metallic Heat Liquid Eyeshadows (No longer available): I have been really enjoying these recently: definitely my most used thing from this haul! They are sticky, so best applied in thin layers, allowing each to dry before adding more, and trying to keep your eyes open whilst it dries. I have worn the gold A LOT, and it is so right up my alley: a gorgeous metallic gold with some glitter in, decently pigmented even in thin layers. Love. I also used the khaki (Ignite) as a glittery green winged eyeliner yesterday, and loved the effect: a little softer than black, but with the added sparkle! Unfortunately these are no longer available on the website, and I wish I’d managed to also pick up the Glitter Fever set, but that is sadly also sold out.

Boots Haul: Sanctuary Spa Panettone Trio; Collection Glam Crystals in Aura; Bourjois 24h Eyeshadows in Beige-seller and Or du commun; Bourjois Blur the Lines Primer; Rimmel Wonder’swipe in Yassss

Sanctuary Spa Panettone Trio (£6.37 at
Boots (£8.50 full price)): Confession: I am terrible at moisturising my body. When it’s cold, and you just want to put your clothes straight on after the shower, the last thing I want to do is smear stuff all over me and have to wait for it to dry so my clothes don’t stick. But I also have dry skin, and my legs get downright scaly at this time of the year, what with the cold and the heating. So, these Wet Skin Moisture Miracles by Sanctuary Spa really appealed to me. You apply them immediately after showering onto soaking wet skin, then towel dry as normal, and knowing myself, I’m much more likely to moisturise if I can do it still standing in the cozy warm air of my shower cubicle. I haven’t tried these yet, so I don’t have a more full review to give, but I have high hopes! This could be a game changer for me and my scales! In this set, currently on sale at Boots, you get the original, a White Lily and Damask Rose one, and a Green Lemon and Orange Blossom one (which I’m particularly looking forward to!), all in a 50ml tube, so you can try a few scents, or use them for travel!
Bourjois Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow in Beige-seller, and Metal Edition 24h Eyeshadow in Or du commun (£6.99 at Boots): I am planning on doing a comparison of a bunch of different liquid eyeshadows (I’ve accumulated ten different brands so far, and there are others I’m eyeing up), so that’s why this haul is quite heavy on the liquid eyeshadows! I know these two shadows (the Metal one was a gift with purchase when you spend £12 on Bourjois) are supposed to be different finishes, but I personally don’t see a huge difference in the finish, and they are listed under the same listing on the website. These are quite sheer, metallic shadows, so I suspect these aren’t going to become a favourite of mine. Beige-seller is a peachy champagne, and Or du commun in a light greenish gold.
Bourjois Blur the Lines Primer (£8.99 at Boots): This was another very recent purchase, so not something I’ve tried on my face yet, but I was intrigued by the product. I’ve only ever used face primers in a tube or pump, never one in a pot. It’s much lighter than I expected, and is almost jelly-like when you put your finger to it in the pot, and it has a slightly silicone-y smoothing feeling on the back of my hand. Interested to see what this does to my face!
Rimmel Wonder’swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow in Yassss (£6.99 at Boots): I did the classic Primark mistake with this. Know what I mean? When you try on one top, then decide to get it in a different colour without trying it on and get home to find it fits completely differently? I swatched the gold, and it was absolutely gorgeous, and was just about to buy it when I spotted this one and thought it had the potential to make a stunning inner corner highlight, so grabbed it instead. But I didn’t swatch it, and if I had, I would definitely have gone with the gold instead (because ya know, I don’t have any gold liquid eyeshadows…). This is very much more of an iridescent topper, than an actual pigmented liner/shadow. It is essentially a clear base with a very strong blue-purple iridescent shift, so is not quite as brightening as I hoped. These are also tiny: they are the same price as the Bourjois ones, but whereas the Bourjois ones come with 8ml of product, these have only 1.7ml! Overall, I regret picking this up, but may go back for the gold since it’s the most pigmented gold liquid eyeshadow I’ve seen at the drugstore, and I’m willing to put up with the bad value for such a beautiful shade. I do think the applicator works well to allow it to be used for a liner or a shadow: it’s a long, thin, very flexible, foamy  point, which can be turned on its side to cover a wider area.
Collection Glam Crystals Liquid Eyeshadow in Aura (£3.99 at Boots): This is the cheapest of the drugstore liquid eyeshadows I picked up, and quit possibly my favourite! It’s not super pigmented, like the Morphe ones, but it does have a good concentration of glittery particles, and I love me a good glitter liquid eyeshadow. I will say that the colour range is a bit lacking: there are only four shades and they’re all fairly similar. It’s just a range from gold to brown. I do think these are worth it, however, if you like a glittery finish, especially since Collection is often on special offer either at Boots or Superdrug.

Natural Light: l-r Bourjois Or du commun; Bourjois Beige-seller; Collection Aura; Rimmel Yassss

Mini Fragrance Haul
Finally, I have two little perfumes that have come into my life recently, neither of which I specifically set out to purchase!
Hugo Boss The Scent: I received this through the Glamour Beauty Club, which is a free service offered by Glamour Magazine where you will occasionally be sent free beauty products in exchange for a quick review (often just sort of yes/no questions) – cannot recommend it highly enough! When I received an email inviting me to try this perfume, I was expecting one of those little scent vials that are often given as freebies, so I was so excited when it arrived and I opened to package to see this beautiful mini version of the full size perfume bottle, containing a more than generous amount! I have really enjoyed this perfume recently! It has notes of honeyed peach, freesia, osmanthus and roasted cocoa, so is a sweet fruity scent, with underlying floral notes.
Bella Freud Close To My Heart: This was the freebie with the December edition of Elle magazine, and is worth a whopping £19 apparently! This scent wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but I’m glad to have had the chance to test it. The notes of Tuberose, Sandalwood and Oud give it a woody, floral scent, and I tend to lean towards sweeter, fruiter scents. Definitely a more mature scent in my opinion, although I’m not sure the bottle gives that impression.

Whew! That’s everything I’ve picked up recently, so let me know down below what you’re loving at the moment!

Disclaimer: everything mentioned was purchased by me, or given for free with no expectation of a public review. None of the links are affiliate links – if you use them I make absolutely nothing. They are just there for your convenience.

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