Colourpop First Impressions

In case it hasn’t yet come to your attention, Colourpop has started charging VAT directly at checkout, making life so much easier for customers in the UK! Thanks to this, parcels will now come directly to your door, without one of those dreaded notes from the Royal Mail charging you VAT and handling fees before they will release your parcel. This, combined with last week’s free International Shipping event, finally pushed me into making an order and picking up some bits and pieces that I’ve had my eye on for a while now!

Firstly, while we’re on the subject of shipping, I had absolutely no issues with my parcel. The box came straight to my door, with plenty of bubble wrap and all of my items were present and correct. I was also pleasantly surprised by the time it took. I ordered on a Thursday, and it arrived on Wednesday, so it took less than a week for the parcel to make its way over from the US, and the USPS tracking worked perfectly right up until it passed into the Royal Mail’s custody. I have seen that other people haven’t always been so fortunate, and the Trust Pilot reviews don’t speak too highly of the Colourpop customer services in the event of missing/broken items, although review sites are often skewed towards the negative, since outrage can push people to review where they wouldn’t otherwise! From my personal experience, however, it all went very smoothly.

On to the exciting bit! I picked up six items so I could try out a few different formulas and (spoiler alert!) I was very happy with my choices! Starting with the lip products, I picked up one of the iconic Lippie Stix in ‘Parker’, and an Ultra Glossy Lip from the ‘Brown Sugar’ collection in ‘Blowzy’.

‘Parker’ ($5.50 at Colourpop): This is a mid-tone warm nude shade (leaning towards brown), in the matte finish. This is the sort of colour that I would pick up for an everyday look where I wanted something with a bit more depth to it than a ‘my lips but better’ kind of nude. The slimline design makes application easy, but as you can see from the picture below, you don’t get a huge amount of product. I will say the matte formula is a little on the dry side, and will cling to dry patches on the lips, so I recommend a lip balm underneath. This also has a scent which to me smells just like the cinema! It reminds me of the mixture of popcorn and pick’n’mix and I personally don’t find it unpleasant. It isn’t too strongly scented either, if that is a consideration.

Colourpop’s ‘Parker’ fully wound up

‘Blowzy’ ($6 at Colourpop): ‘Blowzy’ looks in the tube like it’s going to be a pink with gold sparkles, and indeed it is described on the website as a ‘Sheer rose packed with pearlescent gold flakes’, but I found that when swatched on the hand or the lips it had more of a peachy undertone, which actually compliments ‘Parker’ nicely! The applicator brush is a little stiff, and acts more like a stick than a brush, but it is still workable – I would prefer a doefoot for more control/comfort (it’s a little tickly!). The formula is quite thick, but I didn’t find it sticky, and this has the same scent as the Lippie Stix (I think it is supposed to be a vanilla-y scent, but it definitely pulls more ‘sweet popcorn’ smell to me).

Moving on to the eye products, there are some interesting formulas on offer at Colourpop!

‘Constellation’ ($7 at Colourpop): If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know by now that I have a weakness for liquid eyeshadows, so it went without saying that I grabbed one of the Supernova Shadows to check out, and I was very impressed! ‘Constellation’ (one of the shades in collaboration with Kathleen Lights) is a peachy-pink champagne, with definite glitter specks in, and it just adds a beautiful but wearable light and shine to your eye look. The paddle applicator is fairly standard for liquid eyeshadows, but if you work quickly you can use a brush to blend out the edges a little, although it does set quite fast at which point you’re not going to get it to blend any further. It does last for ages on the eyes though! A favourite from what I picked up, I think the price is good (soooo much cheaper than the cult Stila shadows!), and the finish is stunning. I can definitely see me adding more of these in different colours to my collection!
Twitterpated’ ($5 at Colourpop): I had heard so much about the Super Shock Shadows, so chose this light pink with a beautiful gold glitter running through it. ‘Twitterpated’ (which apparently means infatuated or obsessed, or in a state of nervous excitement if you were wondering) is an ultra-glitter finish so does not have a hugely pigmented base colour. As such, it would make a good topper shade for other shadows. The formula of these is super interesting: it’s a cream but feels quite dry and thin to the touch, and dries down to a powder pretty quickly on the eye. Application wise, you’re going to want to use your finger for these, so I would suggest only picking up shades that you would want to use all over the lid, as I think trying to use one for your transition shade, or to deepen your crease would be more trouble than it’s worth. For a wash across the lid, however, I really like this! They are also long-lasting once they have dried down so will keep you shimmering all night.
‘Origami’ ($8 at Colourpop): I was so excited to try the Jelly Much Shadow formula, because the swatches on the website looked so intense and stunning, and they also just looked like fun! I will say, the texture wasn’t how I expected it to be. From the photos on the website, this looked like it would be a very wet, sort of gel-like formula, but as you can see from my photos, it is much thicker and spongy. Almost foamy? Either way, the pigmentation definitely delivered! I grabbed ‘Origami’ which is a beautiful bright yellow-gold, and I love it. It’s very bright, but unlike the Super Shock shadows can be applied with a brush quite easily, so you can get a much more controlled application, and would be perfect for a bold cut-crease look. These also come with a plastic cap inside to prevent them from drying out so make sure you don’t displace that, and keep the lid screwed on tightly when you’re not using it. All in all, this is one of my favourite things I picked up, and ‘We Jammin” and ‘Foxes’ are calling my name!

Natural light, l-r: Constellation Supernova Shadow; Twitterpated Super Shock Shadow; Origami Jelly Much Shadow

Finally, I wanted to try one of their eyeshadow palettes, as they are so affordably-priced, and I have heard so much about them online, so I picked out a nine-pan palette to see what the formula was like.

‘Mar’ ($12 at Colourpop): This palette screams summer to me, so I’ve been a bit premature in picking it up in March, but what can I say – I’m living vicariously through my makeup until it heats up a bit more! What I liked about this palette is the mix of colours: you’ve got your brown-toned mattes and peachy shimmers for a basic everyday look, but then you’ve also got some stunning bronzes and, of course, the blues and greens to add a pop and pump up the drama a bit. There are three mattes: ‘Detour’ which pleasantly surprised me with the level of pigmentation and is definitely the most pigmented blue I have in my collection; ‘Sorbet’ I was a bit disappointed by – for me this would be a great transition shade but it felt a little drier and patchier, and harder to work with than the other mattes; and ‘Top Down’ which is a lovely and pigmented dark brown – great for darkening the outer corner, or using as a liner shade. The sea foam green ‘HWY’ is the only satin in the palette with a subtle gold sheen, and I found this one to be drier, similar to the formula of Sorbet. The rest of the shades are metallic finishes, and I actually really liked the metallic formula. ‘El Rey’ and ‘Boozy’ are beautiful warm shades with a strong gold shift to them, and ‘El Rey’ in particular is fairly unique to my collection with that strong gold, and one I see myself reaching for pretty often. ‘Wild One’ and ‘My Way’ are more conventional bronzes, but again the formula is lovely, and finally ‘Gridlock’ is a super bright and bold teal with silver shimmer running through it, and is again a very smooth formula.
Overall, I’d say the metallics are great, but the mattes/satins can be a bit more hit and miss. Mattes are harder to formulate, so this is true of a lot of brands, and some of them are still wonderfully smooth. All of them are workable – there are no shades in here that are completely unusable.

So, all in all purchasing from Colourpop for the first time was a pretty positive experience! The shipping was straightforward and quicker than I expected, and the products lived up to or exceeded my expectations! Very happy with the decisions I made!

Disclaimer: everything mentioned was purchased by me, or given for free with no expectation of a public review. None of the links are affiliate links – if you use them I make absolutely nothing. They are just there for your convenience.

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