Indie Spotlight: Sigil Inspired

I can’t remember exactly how Sigil Inspired came to my attention any more, but I do know that I have been eyeing up their pigments for months now. And finally, I decided to take the plunge and make an order, so here’s what I picked up!

Firstly, I have to make a comment on the packaging. The jars themselves have black lids as pictured, with the company’s logo in a raised design. Also worth noting, the smaller of the two jar sizes available (the size I picked up) can be stacked as the bottoms of the jars are threaded. This means that if you remove the lid from one jar, you can screw it directly into the bottom of a second jar, saving space in your collection if you are that way inclined.

The outer packaging is also stunning: ribbons, illustrations, beads… I mean, just look at it:

They change up the packaging every week, so if you want to know what you’re likely to get you can take a look at their instagram, but it’s always exquisitely thought out.

They are a Russian company, which can make navigating the website a little more difficult but it is largely translated into English. The stickers on the jars are in Russian only, however, so I’m hoping I’ll get all the names right in this post! The smaller jars that I picked up nearly all go for 250RUB, which works out at less than £3, except for the Chromatic shades which go for 600RUB, which is approximately £7 (prices approximate at time of writing).

On to the pigments! I grabbed seven, one of which is a Chromatic shade, and all of the swatches are with a dry finger onto a sticky base, taken in natural light.

‘Heiress to the Throne’: This is a chunkier, glittery-er copper gold. With these shades with larger particle sizes, the brand recommend patting them into place over a sticky base, and blending the edges with a more finely milled shadow, which I agree is the best way to apply them. This adds a beautiful light, without being quite as ostentatious as a straight glitter.
‘A Dragon’s Joy’: This is described as a “goldenish-pink” shimmer, but I definitely found it pulled much more strongly on the yellow-gold side of that. This isn’t as chunky as the previous shade, and is a warmer gold, with the occasional flash of that pink.
‘Life-Giver’: This works much more effectively as a pink-gold duochrome shade, and is again a chunkier pigment. You can see the variation in the shade in the swatches above, and how it almost picks up green in certain lights. A really beautiful colour.
‘She Who Traversed the Rainbow Bay’: This is a much finer pigment and is a satin pinky-peach with a soft golden shift to it (you can tell which sorts of colours I’m most attracted to!). This is much easier to work with as it blends out much more easily than the larger particles, and is also a more subtle, wearable shade.

‘Passion’: This is the shadow I picked up from the Chromatic collection, which are the more strongly shifting multichrome shades. These needed to be patted into place, as if you try to rub at them in an effort to blend then they will just become a muddy, murky mess. However, if you put the effort in to work with them, you can see what a unique finish you can achieve. This particular shade is a red, which shifts through orange to gold to green as you can see in the swatches above.
‘The Chimera’: This is a really interesting shade, simply because depending on the light it can look any number of different colours. I really struggled to capture the effect on camera. It can look pink, violet, pale blue all the way through to light green verging on gold, and all in a fine shimmer formula. The only difficulty is working out what other colours to pair with it since they have to match so many different colours!
‘The Matriarch’: Sadly, I couldn’t find this shade on the website at the time of writing, and I’m not sure whether or not it will return, but ‘The Matriarch’ is another chunkier shade which flashes violet-taupe-teal: such a pretty colour combination! If you search ‘matriarch’ on the website, it will identify a couple of other shades described as being similar, so while the exact shade may not be available I’m sure you’d be able to find something else similarly beautiful!

So, in conclusion, I think these are some very special pigments. Some of them definitely so require a little more work to look their best but for a special occasion look they are truly stunning, and there is such a wide variety on the website (including staple matte shades too) that there is sure to be something to appeal to any eyeshadow wearer!

Disclaimer: everything mentioned was purchased by me, or given for free with no expectation of a public review. None of the links are affiliate links – if you use them I make absolutely nothing. They are just there for your convenience.

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