Zoeva Melody Eyeshadow Palette Review

It’s been a while since a Zoeva palette really grabbed me, but when I saw the photos of this one, I knew it would sway me into purchasing another one. For their Spring collection this year, Zoeva have released the Melody collection (eyeshadow palette, lipglosses, handheld mirror), inspired by butterflies, and featuring this beautiful iridescent packaging.

The colours inside, however, are what really spoke to me: golds, peaches, taupes, staple neutral mattes and a pop of lilac – all colours I reach for on an almost daily basis!

The format is much the same as every other Zoeva palette: ten shades arranged in two rows of five, no mirror; and the price point is the same too (£21 at feelunique, or the Zoeva website, or £18 at CultBeauty). As usual, the shimmers are soft and a little powdery so you may get some fallout if you apply them dry with a brush, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved by applying with your finger, or wetting your brush with a little setting spray. The mattes are a drier formula, as Zoeva mattes usually are, but they blend beautifully, which is what matters most in my opinion!

Gowns Swirling is a matte, white-based pale pink matte shade, with flecks of glitter in. Despite the glitter flecks, this performs essentially like a matte shade on the eye, however it is a bit chalky. Not a favourite.
Airy Dalliance is a peachy satin shade. I was surprised by how orange this appeared on my eye, but it is soft and pigmented, and has a lovely gold sheen to it.
Gentle Clasp is described on the website as a “cool blue with glitter”, and I’ve got to say I don’t think that’s accurate in the slightest! This to me is very much a lilac, and the fuchsia glitters just contribute to it pulling warmer – definitely doesn’t make me think “cool blue”! This shade is better patted into place; as you can see at the edges of the swatch above, it can take on quite a dull, grey tone as you try and blend it out. A bit finicky but definitely a pretty shade if you can get it to behave.
Cocoon of Doubt is your gold shimmer of the bunch. Very soft and creamy. Very pigmented. Very wearable. This is the sort of shade I’d put all over the lid on an everyday basis so I’m very happy with this shade, but it isn’t particularly unique.
Fly Solo is a mid-tone matte brown, with neutral undertones (in my opinion – they describe it as “cool”, and while it definitely is cooler than Whirled Above I wouldn’t describe it as particularly cool-toned). This is such a staple shade, perfect for a soft crease shade on fairer skin tones, but again it may well be something you already have if you’re not new to eyeshadows.

From Heaven, however, is a bit more interesting. This is a cool, pale pink, with a blue sheen to it that adds a lot of luminosity and brightness to an eye look. Pigmentation is great. Don’t have a bad word to say about this one!
Whirled Above is the warmer mid-tone matte that I mentioned before, and it definitely does have a lot of orangey warmth to it. Again, a staple matte shade that’s useful to have in the palette for making a cohesive look, but may well be a shade you already own.
Crystal Wings was an unexpected standout in the palette for me. In the pan, I thought it was going to be a cool-toned brown that was a bit too deep for all over the lid for my tastes. However, it performs so differently from how it looks in the pan! It was so much warmer than I expected it to be and has a beautiful green and gold sheen that gives so much brightness to the shade. Gorgeous!
Soul Unheld is a golden bronze satin, and is probably the best formulated shade in the palette. It’s so smooth, and so pigmented that I can see myself using this a lot, and it is less powdery than the other satins/shimmers in the palette so less risk of fallout!
About To Leave is a matte dark brown. I’m repeating myself here, but it’s another staple neutral shade that could be used for darkening the outer corner, or as a smoky eyeliner. Definitely something I could find a dupe for several times over in other palettes in my collection, but it completes the palette in terms of what I usually reach for, saving me from having to use a second palette in conjunction with the Melody palette.

So what’s my overall verdict? I think it’s a pretty palette, but you should think about what you already have and why you’re drawn to this one. Is it the golds and bronzes that draw you in, but you already own them six times over in other palettes? Maybe give it a pass. Or is it the more unique shades in the second row, and you don’t have anything else like them? Go for it! It’s not something I’ve never seen before, but I like it, and it performs well, and I’ll keep using it.

Disclaimer: everything mentioned was purchased by me, or given for free with no expectation of a public review (will be expressly stated if received free). None of the links are affiliate links – if you use them I make absolutely nothing. They are just there for your convenience.

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