INC.redible Lid Slick Eye Pigment Review

These little pots of pigment intrigued me when I saw them mentioned on a “what’s new” Youtube video, so I went ahead and picked one up a couple of weeks ago to try out. And I have to say that while I do quite like the product, it wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be from the images and description online, so I thought I’d share my experience with you guys so that you can make a better informed decision than I could!

I chose the shade ‘Kinda Care Kinda Don’t’, which is the true yellow gold of the range. There are three other shades available: ‘Daily Drams’ (shimmery taupe), ‘Just Do You’ (shimmery copper bronze), and ‘Dose of Ego’ (vibrant matte electric blue). You receive 3g of product, in a small plastic jar, with a screw-top lid.

It is worth noting that “Each shade is formulated differently”, but from swatches I have seen of all four shades, it appears that ‘Kinda Care Kinda Don’t’ and “Daily Drams’ are a similar finish, while ‘Just Do You’ has a much stronger pigment to it, and ‘Dose of Ego’ seems to be a bit patchy and not as pigmented as people hoped.

Saying that “Kinda Care Kinda Don’t’ and ‘Daily Drams’ have a similar finish, it seems that the formula for the gold is not quite right. I was expecting something like the L’Oreal Infallible Shadows from the description “semi-compressed eye shadow”, but it’s somehow much chunky. In the pot it has almost separated into little balls, as you can see from the photo below, and the reviews on Sephora suggest that I am not alone in this, with some people having the whole product fall out of the pot because of being dried up.

The texture is very interesting: it’s neither a powder nor a cream, but the best way I can describe it is as a slightly oily powder which melts into a liquid with the heat of your fingers. For this reason, it is better applied with your fingers than with a brush: your body heat melts the product and prevents it picking up in the clumps it forms in the pot.

It’s not the most pigmented eyeshadow, but can be built up to a more full-coverage finish, however I think it is best served if you consider it to be a topper shade to add sparkle over your eye look. It is definitely packed with lots of gorgeous, sparkly gold glitters!

So, would I recommend it? If you’re looking for a super pigmented statement shade (as you well might be, since it’s described as a “highly concentrated shimmer” “power pigment”) then no. That’s not what you’re going to receive. But if you want a bright topper shadow to jazz up a more basic look? Then it might suit you perfectly! Personally, I don’t love it enough to buy any others at £10 a pop, and I wish I’d waited for the reviews to start going up online before I jumped the gun and bought it!

Available at feelunique for £10, and at time of writing the Sephora website is the best for reviews/swatches!

Disclaimer: everything mentioned was purchased by me, or given for free with no expectation of a public review (will be expressly stated if received free). None of the links are affiliate links – if you use them I make absolutely nothing. They are just there for your convenience.

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